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The Trinity Student Medical Journal is intended to provide an inclusive vehicle for students to communicate current medical research, opinions and thoughts to other students, faculty members and faculty of affiliated hospitals and institutions. We publish articles relating to many aspects of medicine including scientific research and clinical experience. Articles are accepted from students in medicine and other related fields, as it is our view that medicine is the meeting point of many disciplines. The aim of the Journal is to provide a medium that is responsive to the rapidly changing face of contemporary medicine, and is able to grow and expand as rapidly as the subject.

All published articles are decided by a panel of editors drawn from the medical student body of Trinity College Dublin. The authors, editors and publishers do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage arising from actions or decisions based on information contained in this publication; ultimate responsibility for the treatment of patients and the interpretation of published material lies with the medical practitioner. The statements and opinions expressed are those of the authors and the inclusion in this publication of material relating to a particular product,method or technique does not amount to an endorsement of its value or quality, or of the claims made by its manufacturer.

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