• Irish Journal of Arts Management and Cultural Policy

    The Irish Journal of Arts Management and Cultural Policy is a peer reviewed, open access e-journal publishing original research on the arts and cultural sector in Ireland/Northern Ireland.

    The journal aims to:

    • Disseminate high quality, recent academic research in an accessible format on all aspects of arts management and cultural policy with specific reference to the Republic of Ireland and / or Northern Ireland;
    • Serve as an educational resource for arts management and cultural policy professionals, and students studying related topics;
    • Support the skill development of professionals working in the arts and cultural sector;
    • Encourage debate on topical issues related to arts and cultural management/policy;
    • Support and grow a vibrant Irish / Northern Irish research community, allowing for the exchange of ideas and promoting research collaborations between individuals and organisations.

    The Irish Journal of Arts Management and Cultural Policy publishes original research on the arts and cultural sector in Ireland; cultural policy; arts and cultural management; creative producing and curating; cultural tourism and the creative industries; cultural economics; heritage and museum studies; governance; marketing, audience development; arts and / or cultural participation; philanthropy/ fundraising; cultural finance; administration; production/ consumption; and arts and education.

    In addition to the publication of original research, the Journal provides a space for review of policy initiatives, reports and conferences as well as scholarly book reviews. The Journal highlights emerging research from the wealth of student work at MA level and from other early career researchers on the island and provides an opportunity for managers and policymakers to reflect on contemporary policies and practices shaping the cultural sector here.

    The Journal fills a much-needed space for theoretical and practitioner reflection on issues of cultural policy and arts management in Ireland. It was initiated at the School of Art History and Cultural Policy, University College Dublin (UCD) in 2013. Its Editorial Board represents a broad range of academic institutions on the island of Ireland. Its membership draws from a range of fields of research reflective of the broad, diverse and interdisciplinary field of the journal’s scope.

    Our desire is to provide a diverse, representative and inclusive platform for academics and emerging researchers, practitioners and policymakers to engage with questions of policy and management on cultural issues across the island of Ireland.

    More information about the Journal can be found here.

    Information on submitting to IJAMCP including section policies can be found here.

  • Trinity Student Scientific Review

    The Trinity Student Scientific Review (TSSR) is an annual peer-reviewed journal publishing the best multi-disciplinary science review articles from Trinity College Dublin.

    As of 2020, it also runs the university-wide competition in Metascience and Research Ethics, the Karmakar Medal for Scientific Ethics.


  • Trinity Women & Gender Minorities Review

    Trinity Women & Gender Minorities Review is a multidisciplinary journal that annually publishes research orienting the concept of gender. We are an Open Access academically-reviewed publication and aims to provide a platform for under-represented voices within academia. Volume V and all previous volumes have been published on OJS.

  • Carta

    Carta is a literary magazine based in Trinity College Dublin that publishes short stories, book extracts and essays.

  • Trinity Postgraduate Review Journal

    The Trinity Postgraduate Review, hereafter TPR, is an international research journal for postgraduate students published by the Graduate Students' Union, Trinity College Dublin.
    TPR showcases the work of postgraduate students both from Trinity College Dublin, and from other universities. Drawing on the peer review tradition, TPR encourages interdisciplinary collaboration in a peer review tradition for the advancement of knowledge, scholarly engagement.
  • Trinity Journal of Literary Translation

    The Trinity Journal of Literary Translation is a student-run literary magazine dedicated to publishing original translations by members of the Trinity College Dublin community and beyond.

  • Trinity Student Medical Journal

    The Trinity Student Medical Journal is intended to provide an inclusive platform for students to communicate current medical research, opinions, and thoughts to other students, faculty members, and faculty of affiliated hospitals and institutions. We publish articles relating to many aspects of medicine including scientific research and clinical experience. Articles are accepted from students in medicine and other related fields, as it is our view that medicine is the meeting point of many disciplines. The aim of the Journal is to provide a medium that is responsive to the rapidly changing face of contemporary medicine and is able to grow and expand as rapidly as the subject.

  • The Economic and Social Review

    The Economic and Social Review is indexed in the Web of Science and in Scopus as the well as the ABS Academic Journal Guide:

    Web of Science Journal Impact Factor (2022): 0.90

    Scopus CiteScore (2022): 1.4 

    Q2 CiteScore Best Quartile

    The Economic and Social Review is Ireland's leading journal for economics and applied social science. The Journal is published four times a year.

    The ESR invites high quality submissions in economics, sociology, and cognate disciplines on topics of relevance to Ireland. Contributions based on original empirical research and employing a comparative international approach are particularly encouraged. 

    The ESR incorporates a policy section that contains applied articles addressing important questions relating to economic and social policy. While these articles do not necessarily have to contain new academic research results, they are subject to the same refereeing process as our academic articles. Suggestions to the Editor for specially themed policy sections are welcome.



  • Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland

    The Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland is an all-Ireland body that has been in continuous existence since 1847. The proceedings of the Society are recorded in its annual journal. See the following link for more information about the Society SSISI